Club Contacts

Team Managers - 2019

    U06 Eagles Team Manager
    Natasha Shaw Email:

    U06 Hawks Team Manager
    Glen Mitchell Email:

    U6 Magpies Team Manager
    Prue Lovejoy Email:

    U6 Ravens Team Manager
    Stan Levitin Email:

    U6 Seagulls Team Manager
    Kevin Hua Email:

    U07 Blue Team Manager
    Zhenwei Shen Email:

    U07 Green Team Manager
    Samantha Chenu Email:

    U07 Yellow Team Manager
    Mathews George Email:

    U7 Orange Team Manager
    Maryka Stalley Email:

    U7 Red Team Manager
    Darren Wallace Email:

    U08 Leopards Team Manager
    Linda Kurniawati Email:

    U08 Lions Team Manager
    Martin Schroeder Email:

    U08 Pumas Team Manager
    Emily Li Email:

    U08 Sharks Team Manager
    Gareth Owen Email:

    U8 Alligators Team Manager
    Kylie Macdonald Email:

    U09 Beckham Team Manager
    Stephen Browning Email:

    U09 Cahill Team Manager
    Claire Abrahams Email:

    U09 Messi Team Manager
    Katie Lazanas Email:

    U09 Rooney Team Manager
    Sharon Wong Email:

    U9 Ronaldo Team Manager
    Vicki Morley Email:

    U10 Arsenal Team Manager
    Evette Hopkins Email:

    U10 Swansea Team Manager
    Timothy Ballard Email:

    U10 Swansea Team Asst Mngr
    Kerry Ballard Email:

    U11 Anacondas Team Manager
    Fiona Habben Email:

    U11 Cobras Team Manager
    Susan St Clair Email:

    U11 Pythons Team Manager
    Shireen Hegarty Email:

    U11 Pythons Team Asst Mngr
    Sean Hegarty Email:

    U11 Taipans Team Manager
    Alex Jaksetic - (M) 0409 784 414 Email:

    U12A Team Manager
    Jennie Kerr - (M) 0438457738 Email:

    U12B Team Manager
    Beatrice Hofmeyr Email:

    U13A Team Manager
    Peter Hanlon Email:

    U13A Team Asst Mngr
    Jim Treacy - (M) 0421058575 Email:

    G14B Team Manager
    Christine McDonell Email:

    U14A Team Manager
    Judith Bendall Email:

    U14A Team Asst Mngr
    Jennie Kerr - (M) 0438457738 Email:

    U16A Team Manager
    David Garnsey Email:

    MAA4 Team Manager
    Jamie Batten Email:

    MAA5 Team Manager
    Jonno Weiss Email:

    WAAA Team Manager
    Lauren Jones Email:

    WAAA Team Asst Mngr
    Terry Jones Email:

    WAAB Team Manager
    Holly Mountford Email:

    M351 Team Manager
    Gregg Kennedy Email:

    M351 Team Asst Mngr
    Graham Reid - (M) 0418 990 646 Email:

    M352 Team Manager
    Neville Ray Email:

    M45D2 Team Manager
    Richard Grace Email:

Please note that these email addresses are for the EXCLUSIVE use of INTERNAL Wahroonga FC use and any unauthorised use of these email addresses will be considered as Unsolicited SPAM. - Please do NOT send us SPAM

All Grounds Open

28th Jun 2017


In the event of wet weather on Friday night/Saturday morning and up-to-date information being unaccessible on the NSFA website, please assume the games are on and go to the ground.    


Ku-Ring-Gai High School

Please note that the following are not allowed within the Ku-Ring-Gai School Grounds :


Please do not park in the front staff car park, this is locked at night and a charge of $75 is made to open the gates.

Please do not park in front of the Ambulance entry gate.

Please do not walk around other areas of the school.

Please leave the toilets clean and tidy and put your litter in the bin.

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