Weather Line

Wet Weather Information  
If there is wet weather always assume that the match or the training session is proceeding until you hear otherwise. You can check after 7pm on Fridays (for Saturday’s games) or 3pm on weekdays (for training) by ringing 1900 957 016. Please note this call is 83 cents per minute. A higher rate applies to calls from mobile phones or payphones. As an alternative, the NSFA web site at should contain wet weather information as well. You should always liaise with your Manager and/or Coach. 
You can also check ground closures at
Please do not ring the Club Secretary.

Remember - if in doubt, ring the wet weather line and/or check the NSFA web site. While we do try to put wet weather messages on our own site, this is not always possible.

In the case of training and games at Ku-ring-gai High School (which is not covered by the NSFA), you should assume that the ground is closed if the NSFA has closed all their grounds.

All Grounds Open

28th Jun 2017


In the event of wet weather on Friday night/Saturday morning and up-to-date information being unaccessible on the NSFA website, please assume the games are on and go to the ground.    


Ku-Ring-Gai High School

Please note that the following are not allowed within the Ku-Ring-Gai School Grounds :


Please do not park in the front staff car park, this is locked at night and a charge of $75 is made to open the gates.

Please do not park in front of the Ambulance entry gate.

Please do not walk around other areas of the school.

Please leave the toilets clean and tidy and put your litter in the bin.

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