Age Groups

Age Groups

Date of birth determines the player’s age group.  The appropriate age group for junior players is the age that the player turns in 20.  For example, a player who turns 10 in 2017 is eligible to play in the Under 10 age group. 


Age Group  

Date of Birth  

Under 6  

1st January 2011

31st December 2011

Under 7  

1st January 2010 

31st December 2010

Under 8  

1st January 2009 

31st December 2009 

Under 9  

1st January 2008 

31st December 2008

Under 10  

1st January 2007

31st December 2007  

Under 11  

1st January 2006

31st December 2006  

Under 12  

1st January 2005

31st December 2005

Under 13  

1st January 2004

31st December 2004

Under 14  

1st January 2003

31st December 2003

Under 15  

1st January 2002

31st December 2002

Under 16  

1st January 2001

31st December 2001

Under 17  

1st January 2000  

31st December 2000

Under 18  

1st January 1999

31st December 1999




All Age (Men & Women)  

18 years and older generally  

Over 35 (Women)  

Born on or before 31st December 1981

Over 35 (Men)  

Born on or before 31st December 1981

Over 45 (Men)  

Born on or before 31st December 1971


All Grounds Open

28th Jun 2017


In the event of wet weather on Friday night/Saturday morning and up-to-date information being unaccessible on the NSFA website, please assume the games are on and go to the ground.    


Ku-Ring-Gai High School

Please note that the following are not allowed within the Ku-Ring-Gai School Grounds :


Please do not park in the front staff car park, this is locked at night and a charge of $75 is made to open the gates.

Please do not park in front of the Ambulance entry gate.

Please do not walk around other areas of the school.

Please leave the toilets clean and tidy and put your litter in the bin.

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