Minutes April 2017

         Minutes of Committee Meeting
Monday 24th April 2017
Attendee Role
Mark Bendall President
Anita Stickland Secretary
Terry Jones Marketing Manager
Richard Grace M45 Coordinator
Alan Wylie Treasurer
Chris Wilkinson Vice President
Jamie Batten MAA Coordinator
Paul Sheppard Youth Coordinator
Nick Mountford Coaching Director
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record of the meeting.
1.      Committee Matters

a.                       President’s report
Mark had nothing to report other than what was to be covered under Football Operations.
b.                       Treasurer’s report
Alan had circulated the Profit and Loss and Cash Disbursements reports and advised that the club’s revenue for the year to date was $153,000 - mainly registration fees.
Chris asked whether having an EFTPOS machine for sales at Karuah would be useful.  It was agreed that it was probably unnecessary as payments can now be done by EFT by mobile phone or ipad, and we have had quite a few such transactions this year without a problem.
c.                        Vice President’s report
Chris asked whether it would be possible to have an extra key cut for the ambulance gate at KHS, and it was agreed Anita would ask Terri-Anne Kamasz.
d.                       Marketing report
Terry advised that he has sent an email to LaZana with ideas for the season, but had not heard anything.  It was agreed Anita would contact Katie and ask to arrange a meeting to discuss.
Terry advised he has tentatively booked 26th August for Comedy for a Cause and was waiting to hear back from Sue at TBC to discuss further.
Terry advised he had sent out an email via MailChimp about the Entertainment Book and Anita advised we had now sold 11 books this year.  He also advised that George had put the Entertainment Book email on WeChat for the Chinese community.
Terry advised he was keen to get the raffle going, but was waiting for the shirt from James.  It was agreed Anita would email James.
Terry asked if James had spoken to Di Jones Real Estate and Chadwicks, and Anita agreed she would ask James if he had made contact.
Terry advised he had contacted Business Plaza regarding the outstanding monies owed from last season, as payment has not been made into either bank account.
Terry advised he had information on an electricity company (Energy Locals) that donates $50 to the club for every member that signs up.  Terry advised he was waiting for Mark to check the Terms and Conditions before sending an e-mail to members.
2.      Football Operations
a.      Preparations for 2017

i)                    Registrations and fees
Anita advised that we had 579 registrations to date and of those 31 were unpaid, but 13 of these are on payment plans. Mark asked Anita to follow up the 18 unpaid players who are not on payment plans.
ii)                  VP Role and Duties
Chris confirmed that he would be available for 2017 and most of 2018 before his move and he would be happy to continue to assist until he moved away permanently.
iii)                Newsletter
Terry confirmed that a newsletter had been sent out and another one would go out in the month of May.
iv)                T3
Mark advised that T3 training had started, and he had some positive feedback.  Unfortunately, those teams training on a Tuesday have yet to have a session as the first one was washed out, then the school holidays intervened and then ANZAC Day was on a Tuesday, so their first session will hopefully be on 2nd May.  Terry asked if using T3 had helped to attract players to the club, and Mark advised that the U6 numbers were up, but it is too early to tell if this is due to us offering T3 training.
Mark advised that T3 had asked if they could use KHS on a Monday for a training program they were running for local clubs, including Wahroonga FC.  It was agreed they could use the ground for a charge of $30 per hour to cover the ground hire and electricity charge we pay to DET.
v)                  KHS
Mark advised that the ground was in a reasonable condition and the O45 have a few matches there in the coming weeks.  Mark advised we have never received a quote from the irrigation company regarding the watering system, despite us following up on several occasions.  Until the watering system is functional major work cannot be done on the ground.
Mark advised that the lights on the small field were not operational and it is the club’s responsibility to get them fixed.  Anita advised she had contacted an electrician who has done work on the lights previously, but he has not yet responded and she will follow him up.
b.      Football Updates
i)                    WAA
Terry advised there were now 31 players registered for WAA and they are doing ok at this stage in Division 2 and Division 3.  Terry advised that Nick was away for the next 2 weekends and that Tom Woodward was helping with the training.  Terry advised he would chase those players with outstanding fees.
ii)                  MAA
Jamie advised the MAA teams were going well.  MAA4 won 12 – 0 against Chatswood at the weekend and Reserves won 4 – 1.  Jamie advised that the new kit for the joint venture team (MAA4) had arrived.  Jamie advised that MAA5 were doing ok, but finding it more challenging in Division 5.  Jamie advised that Chris Abbott was coaching the MAA4 team.
iii)                Girls’ football
Mark advised that the joint Diamond League team is doing well, and the G14 team is doing very well, and had a big win last Sunday.
iv)                Juniors/MiniRoos
Mark advised that there were mixed results in the MiniRoos so far, and that teams would be re-graded after the first 5 rounds.  Mark advised that the U14 and U16 matches from last weekend had been postponed and re-arranged.
v)                  M35/M45s
Nick was not in attendance to give an update on the M35 teams.
Richard advised that the M45 Reserves have won all their games and the Firsts have had a win and 2 draws.  Richard advised the M45s have quite a few players playing at the World Masters in NZ.
3.     Any Other Business
i)                    TBC memberships
Mark advised that all completed TBC membership forms had been sent to the club.  Jamie advised he would chase up the MAA players to see if they want to be members.
ii)                  Waitara PS BASC
Mark advised he would be discussing this further with Julia Wylie.
iii)                Comedy for a Cause
This was covered in the Marketing Report.
Richard advised he has been using a sports tracker, which records his activity during a match.  Mark advised he was happy for the club to provide a maximum of 2 trackers per senior team, if the teams were interested in using them.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.
Action Items
Description Person Responsible
Write content for newsletter MB
Contact Di Jones Real Estate and Scott Chadwick JD
Obtain Sydney FC shirt for raffle JD
Speak to LaZana re: 2017 TJ/MB/AS
Ask Peter & Katie re: raffle prize TJ
Email members re: raffle prizes AS
Ask KHS for extra key for ambulance gate AS
Liaise with Sue re: Comedy for a Cause TJ
Liaise with Julia Wylie re: Waitara BASC MB
Check terms & conditions for Energy Local MB
Email T3 re: using KHS on Mondays AS
Chase electrician re: lights at KHS AS
Follow up the 18 unpaid players who are not on payment plans. AS
Chase up WAA players with outstanding fees TJ
Chase MAA players re: NTBC membership JB