Minutes February 2017

Minutes of Committee Meeting
Monday 20th February 2017
Attendee Role
Mark Bendall President
Anita Stickland Secretary
Terry Jones Marketing Manager
Jamie Batten Men’s All Age Football Coordinator
Paul Sheppard Youth Coordinator
Richard Grace M45 Coordinator
Alan Wylie Treasurer
Chris Wilkinson Vice President
James Dunning Girls Coordinator
Lauren Jones Social Media Manager
Nick Mountford Coaching Director
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record of the meeting.
1.     Committee Matters

a.                   President’s report
Mark had nothing to report other than what was to be covered under Football Operations.
b.                   Treasurer’s report
Alan circulated the Profit and Loss and Cash Disbursements reports and advised that YTD the club’s income was $83,000 - mainly registration fees, with $18,000 expenses.  The club has $50,000 on term deposit and Alan will move some of the income from registration fees into that term deposit account.  Alan advised he will transfer $15,000 to our Bendigo Bank account from the old CBA account.  Alan advised that last year’s accounts were ready to be signed off with the auditors.
c.                    Vice President’s report
Chris advised he had deposited money from gear sales and registration fees taken at Registration Day and that he will supply a float for Team Allocation Day on Sunday.
d.                   Marketing report
Terry advised that he had heard nothing further from Di Jones Real Estate but advised that James Dunning knew someone who worked there and he would e-mail James to ask him to speak them about the sponsorships available.
Anita advised that Nathan from UV had agreed to pay $30 per month by EFT for the storage space at Karuah.
Terry advised that TriForce Sports at Gordon appeared to have closed down, so Anita had removed their advertisement from our website.
Mark advised that he and Nick had met with Charles and Herbie from Turramurra Bowls Club and that they had agreed to offer all Wahroonga FC members a $5 membership of the club.  An application form will be e-mailed out to our members, which can be filled in a returned to their manager and then to Anita to forward to TBC, who will then issue membership cards for members to pick up and pay for.
Terry advised he had no response from LaZana re Lauren taking over the Facebook administration.  It was agreed to speak to them at Team Allocation Day.
Terry circulated information on Comedy for a Cause as an idea to raise funds.  It was agreed that this should be investigated further using TBC as the venue and Terry would liaise with Herbie about suitable dates and logistics.
Terry advised that he would speak to Business Plaza about getting a newsletter out at the end of March before the season starts.
Terry advised he would be doing a leaflet drop around Wahroonga shops mentioning our sponsorship package.

2.     Football Operations
a.     Preparations for 2017

i)                 Registrations
Mark advised that we had 423 registrations to date and he projected that the final numbers would be between 550 and 600.  Mark advised that the number of girls playing football at WFC was dropping and we only had 4 G12 and 2 G16 registrations, which we have forwarded onto West Pymble.  We have joint G12 (no WFC players) and G14 DL teams with West Pymble and one G14 team of 16 players.
It was discussed how we could encourage more girls to register and also increase our membership.  It was suggested that a merger with other local clubs such as North Turramurra and Prouille would be a good starting point and would increase the merged club’s membership significantly.  We already have a joint MAA4 and O35’s with North Turramurra and Mark advised he will be meeting with their President soon and would discuss the issue of a merger.
ii)               Grading U11 – U16
Mark advised the grading for U11, U12 and U14 was now complete.  There was no grading required for U13, U15 and U16 as there will only be 1 team in each age group.
iii)             Team Allocation Day
Mark advised that Team Allocation Day is Sunday 26th February at Karuah from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  T3 are providing 2 coaches to run the ball skills and small games.  Help would be required on the day to set up the ground, hand out bibs, sell gear etc and it was agreed Anita would e-mail the Committee to ask for help.
iv)             Diamond League
Mark advised that we have a joint G12 and G14 DL teams with West Pymble.
v)               Date for Team Managers’ meeting
Mark advised that we would hold an information meeting for team managers in mid-March, probably on a Monday night at TBC and Ehsan from T3 would attend to explain the training by T3 during the season.  It was agreed for Anita to ask Ehsan for a date that was suitable to him.

vi)             Team kitbags
Mark advised that the kit bags will be finished off at the Team Allocation Day and then a date would be arranged on a Sunday morning for managers to collect their bags.
vii)            Trial game bookings
Mark advised that trial games can be booked at KHS through Anita.  Chris asked for a list of dates, so he can open up the ambulance gate when required.
viii)          Training ground allocations/bookings
Mark advised that the following council grounds were available for training – Turramurra Oval on a Tuesday afternoon/evening, Samuel King on a Thursday afternoon/evening, Golden Jubilee on a Wednesday evening, Karuah on Monday to Friday afternoons and KHS.
ix)              KHS update
Mark advised he has a meeting with NSFA and KHS on Thursday, where he will discuss the maintenance of the fields.  The suggestion will be that NSFA and Wahroonga FC maintain the fields in lieu of rental payments (although we will pay for electricity used in the lights), with the school just responsible for the mowing of the fields.
x)               WWC approvals
Anita advised that everyone had completed their WWC checks except for Richard, who was in the process of doing so.
b.     Football Updates
i)                 WAA
Terry advised there looked to be 30 registrations for WAA which means there will be 2 teams.  10 of last year’s players are not playing this year, for various reasons. A request has been sent to NSFA for the teams to be in Division 2 and Division 3.
ii)               MAA
Jamie advised that the MAA registrations were slowly increasing and it was likely there would be 35 registrations for MAA4 (joint team with NTFC) and 30 for MAA6.
Jamie advised the joint venture with North Turramurra for MAA4 in 2017 was going ahead and the latest version of the hybrid kit of black shorts, black socks and white and red top had been approved by NSFA.  Jamie advised that Craig Forbes was going to coach the team, and it was agreed to offer him some form of payment.
iii)             Girls’ football
James was not in attendance.
iv)             Juniors/MiniRoos
Mark advised that some age groups had an increase in numbers such as U6s, U7s, U9s and U11s, but U8s and U10s were down in numbers.  Mark advised there would be 2 U12 teams, and only 1 team in each of U13, U14, U15 and U16.
v)               O35/O45
Richard advised there would be around 36 O45 players and we may a need to order a few extra shirts.  It was agreed Anita would order numbers 43 – 52 in a mix of Large and X Large.
3.    Any Other Business
i)                 Youth Coordinator Report
Paul advised that he would like to aim to increase the number of registrations in both girls and boys to having 2 teams in each age group.  He advised he would make contact with public schools that had active football programs, such as Hornsby North where he knows the Football Coordinator, and others such as Waitara Public.  It was also suggested to see if we could begin a relationship with Abbotsleigh as they also run a football program.
Alan advised Berowra had asked if the O45s would be interested in trial games and it was agreed Anita would send through the current list of trial game bookings, so a suitable date could be arranged.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.
Action Items
Description Person Responsible
Draft new specifications for WFC newsletter TJ
Transfer money to term deposit account AW
Agree Coach’s Role and Manager’s Role documents MB/TJ
Email James re: contact at Di Jones TJ
Speak to LaZana re: Facebook admin and 2017 MB/AS/TJ
Speak to Herbie at TBC re: Comedy for a Cause TJ/MB
Speak to Business Plaza re: newsletter in March TJ
Email committee re: help at Team Allocation Day AS
Email Ehsan re: date for Team Managers’ meeting AS
Agree date to distribute team kit bags AS/MB
E-mail committee re: help at Registration Day AS
Send trial game bookings list to CW, AW and RG AS
Obtain Sydney FC Shirt for 2017 raffle JD
Order extra O45 shirts AS
Continue discussions with Julia Wylie re Waitara BASC MB
Speak to Romulo Salazar re: outstanding fees RG/MB
Apply for grants for work on KHS – in 2017 MB/AS