Minutes January 2017

         Minutes of Committee Meeting
Monday 23rd January 2017
Attendee Role
Mark Bendall President
Anita Stickland Secretary
Terry Jones Marketing Manager
Jamie Batten Men’s All Age Football Coordinator
Nick Mountford Coaching Director
Richard Grace M45 Coordinator
James Dunning Girls Coordinator
Chris Wilkinson Vice President
Alan Wylie Treasurer
Lauren Jones Social Media Manager
Paul Sheppard Youth Coordinator
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record of the meeting.
1.     Committee Matters

a.                   President’s Report
Mark had nothing to report other than what was to be covered under Football Operations.
b.                   Treasurer’s Report
Alan was not in attendance.  Mark mentioned that as at 22 January (ie before much in the way of registration fees had been received) the balances of our 3 bank accounts totalled approx. $85,000.
c.                    Vice President’s Report
Chris had nothing to report.
d.                   Marketing Report
Terry advised that the updated Welcome Pack and Sponsorship Pack were now on the website.
Terry advised that he had e-mailed Danielle from Di Jones Real Estate in Wahroonga and they may be interested in a sponsorship package.  Terry has sent them the Sponsorship Pack and will discuss options further with them.
Terry advised he had updated the Coach’s Role and Manager’s Role documents and these would be agreed with Mark before being uploaded onto the website and copies put into the team kit bags.
Terry advised that a recruitment poster and advertisement was now ready to be sent out to the local schools and it was agreed Anita would send this out after Australia Day.  Terry advised he would contact George to translate the poster into Chinese and then circulate to the Chinese community. 
Terry advised he had e-mailed UV regarding whether they wanted to continue using the storage cupboard at Karuah and the payment of this year’s sponsorship money.
It was agreed to send out an e-mail to members regarding the recruitment of U6 players and Terry would draft an e-mail for Anita to send.  It was also agreed to send out a reminder e-mail to last year’s members that registrations were open and details about Registration Day.
Mark advised that Julia Wylie is the President for Before and After School Care (BASC) at Waitara Public School and they were interested in some form of help from Wahroonga FC during school holidays i.e. school holiday football camp, football skills clinic after school using some Wahroonga FC coaches/players, in return for sponsorship.  Mark will discuss options further with Julia.
2.     Football Operations
a.     Preparations for 2017

i)                 Registrations (and unpaid fees from 2016)
Anita advised there were currently 39 registrations on the MFC site, but there had been a problem with the feed through to the Wahroonga admin site , there were 5 players’ details missing and that she was in discussions with MFC to rectify.
There were still 2016 unpaid fees for some MAA players and Jamie advised it was highly unlikely that these would be paid as most of the culprits would not be playing in 2017.  Richard agreed to follow up with Romulo Salazar of M45.
ii)               Welcome Pack
Mark advised the Welcome Pack had gone out to last year’s members and was on the website.
iii)             Registration Day
Mark advised that Registration Day is on Sunday 5th February from 10am to 12 noon at Karuah and help would be required to sell gear and also sort out the team kit bags.  It was agreed Anita should e-mail committee asking for help on the day
iv)             Stocktake/ball & gear inventory
Mark advised that he and Anita would do an inventory of balls at Karuah this week and order as required.
v)               Team Kit Bags
Mark advised that the kit bag contents would be sorted at Rego Day and that Anita had ordered 20 new bags from Steve Murnaghan.
vi)             Grading Preparations
Mark advised that grading for U11 to U16 has been scheduled for 12th and 19th February at KHS and help would be required to set up skills stations, cones and hand out bibs etc.  Mark advised he would contact Julian Courtney-Stubbs and John Mylordis to see if they were available to run the grading sessions.
vii)            Age Managers
Anita advised that she would e-mail the Age Managers from 2016 to see if they were able to continue in the role for 2017.  However, there were a number of age groups that Anita and Mark acted as Age Managers last season and that it would be helpful if parents could volunteer for the Age Manager role, especially for the team formations and she would send out an e-mail to parents asking for volunteers.
viii)          KHS Watering System/Maintenance
Mark advised that an audit of the watering system at KHS had been done before Christmas at a cost of $150 and we are still waiting to receive a quote on what work is required to make it operational.  Mark advised that we had received some maintenance plans for the field i.e. aeration, fertilising etc but would not do any work until the watering system was operational.  Mark advised he was discussing sharing the cost of any works on KHS with NSFA and if we completed any maintenance work then we would also discuss a reduction in the hire cost of the field from KHS so we only pay for the cost of the lighting.
b.     Football Updates
i)                 WAA
Terry advised he sent an e-mail to past WAA players to see if they were interested in re-joining, but hadn’t had many replies.  Terry advised that Tuesday night kick abouts were starting this week and trial games with UTS had been booked for 12th March.  Terry advised he had e-mailed the President of Sacred Heart FC to see if any over age GU18 players would be interested in joining our WAA teams
Terry advised that he had asked Tom Woodward if he would like to coach again under the same arrangements as in 2016, and he was thinking about it.  Nick advised he would continue to coach, but does need help.
ii)               MAA
Jamie advised that the joint venture with North Turramurra for MAA4 in 2017 was going ahead and they were keen to have a hybrid kit of black shorts, black socks and white and red top and that players may be happy to contribute to the cost. Mark advised that this would need to be approved by NSFA and that the club would be happy to contribute to the cost as well. 
Jamie advised that the players were training on a Sunday morning and numbers were growing.  Jamie advised that Craig Forbes will help out coaching and the coach from North Turramurra was also keen to help out.
Jamie advised that he believed the majority of the MAA6 players would be returning and it was agreed that Jamie should e-mail Jonno Weiss regarding players returning and offering help eg coaching.
It was agreed that Mark would handle the liaison with NSFA regarding the joint venture.
iii)             M35/M45
Nick advised that the M35s would be gaining 17 players from St Ives and that two M35 players would be moving to M45s in 2017.  Nick advised it was possible the M35s would have 50+ players and would be able to run 3 teams and he would use the trial games to grade players into teams.  Nick advised that the Sunday morning training sessions had a good number of players participating.
Richard advised that the M45s numbers were good including the two players moving up from M35s and they had a meeting scheduled for Friday to discuss the upcoming season.
iv)             Girls
Mark advised that following the Diamond League trails with West Pymble there would be 2 joint teams – a G12 and a G14.  Mark advised that Diamond League appeared to be struggling for numbers due to the SAP program now being full time and girls in SAP therefore unable to play for club teams.
Mark advised that Rhonda Shaw from Kissing Point FC had contacted him and Kevin Johnson of WPFC regarding joining the joint venture, and running joint grading sessions for G11, G12, G14, G16 and G18 for club teams.  The Committee was not convinced this was a good idea nor of benefit to WFC and it was agreed to decline.
Anita advised she had a couple of queries from girl’s parents asking if there would be a G14 and G16 team and it was agreed Anita should e-mail the 2016 managers asking them to make contact with the girls from last year advising we hoped to run a G14 and G16 team and to express their interest in playing.
3.    Any Other Business
i)                 Sponsorship
Mark advised he had covered the Waitara Before and After School Care opportunity in Football Operations.
Nick advised that the North Turramurra Bowling Club were very happy for the club to have their meetings there and that he had met with Charles, the Club Manager, to discuss Wahroonga FC members having free membership to the bowling club as well as a memorabilia corner and some form of sponsorship.  Nick advised that the Bowling Club were having their committee meeting as he spoke and that Charles was going to discuss these options with their committee.  It was agreed that Mark, Nick and Charles should meet up to discuss further and that Nick would contact Charles to arrange.
ii)               Email/advert to Schools
Covered in Football Operations.
Mark advised that the artificial pitch at NTRA was ready for use for pre-season matches but the grass fields would not be able to be used until the car park was completed. Mark advised that the cost of NTRA was expensive, but he was happy to ask for access for a few hours a week for training if required.  Mark advised that the grass pitches would be used for NSFA matches and Wahroonga was likely to be scheduled to play there, as Turramurra Oval was no longer being used for matches. NSFA are also proposing to use NTRA for matches on a Friday night under lights.
Anita advised she had put up some banners at Burns Road, Warrawee train station and Karuah Road.  She also has a booking for space on Comenarra Parkway and it was agreed that a banner should go up there too.
Nick advised that the M35s were looking to run a crèche during their games and also have a physio on the sideline, as he knew some student physios and this was still under discussion.
Richard asked if he could order some new bownet bags to replace the current broken bags - this was agreed.
Anita advised she would circulate the list of 2017 Committee Meeting dates.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:00 p.m.
Action Items
Description Person Responsible
Draft new specifications for WFC newsletter TJ
Contact Ku-Ring-Gai Chamber of Commerce TJ
Agree Coach’s Role and Manager’s Role documents MB/TJ
Meet with George and convert poster to Chinese TJ
E-mail members re: U6 recruitment AS
Follow up outstanding WWC checks AS
Send reminder e-mail re: registrations open AS
Continue discussions with Julia Wylie re Waitara BASC MB
Speak to Romulo Salazar re: outstanding fees RG
Liaise with NSFA re: MAA North Turramurra joint squad MB
E-mail committee re: help at Registration Day AS
Review equipment at KHS NM
Obtain Sydney FC Shirt for 2017 raffle JD
Email NSFA re: WAA Division 1 fixtures MB
E-mail Committee re: help at grading on 12 & 19 February AS
E-mail Julian and John re: grading MB
E-mail Age Managers re: continuing in 2017 AS
Apply for grants for work on KHS – in 2017 MB/AS
Liaise with NSFA about funding for KHS maintenance MB
Arrange meeting with CEO NTBC re sponsorship and other arrangements NM/MB
E-mail Jonno Weiss re: MAA6 JB
E-mail G14 managers: re girls returning in 2017 AS
Order new bownet bags RG