Minutes March 2017

         Minutes of Committee Meeting
Monday 20th March 2017
Attendee Role
Mark Bendall President
Anita Stickland Secretary
Terry Jones Marketing Manager
Richard Grace M45 Coordinator
James Dunning Girls Coordinator
Chris Wilkinson Vice President
Alan Wylie Treasurer
Lauren Jones Social Media Manager
Nick Mountford Coaching Director
Jacqui Goldfinch WAA Coordinator
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record of the meeting.
1.     Committee Matters

a.                   President’s report
Mark had nothing to report other than what was to be covered under Football Operations.
b.                   Treasurer’s report
Alan had circulated the Profit and Loss and Cash Disbursements reports and Mark advised that YTD the club’s income was $100,000 - mainly registration fees
c.                    Vice President’s report
Chris advised he had banked $1920 in gear sales.
d.                   Marketing report
Terry advised that he had heard distributed the sponsorship flyers t businesses in Wahroonga and Turramurra, and that Di Jones Real Estate had received a flyer.  James advised that he would follow up with Di Jones as he knew someone who worked there.
Terry advised that a sponsorship document would be sent out to all members in the next couple of weeks.
Terry advised he was keen to get the raffle up and running and James advised he had spoken to Scott at Sydney FC and we would definitely be getting some memorabilia.  It was agreed Terry would ask Peter and Katie if they would like to donate a voucher/discount for the restaurant.  It was agreed to send out an email to members asking for donations for prizes.
Terry advised he had information on an electricity company (Energy Locals) that donates $50 to the club for every member that signs up.  It was agreed Terry should draft an e-mail including the link to send out.
Terry advised he had spoken to Herbie at NTBC regarding Comedy for a Cause and they were keen to hold a joint event with Wahroonga FC.  The event would have to be on a Friday or Saturday evening and it was suggested that the end of July after the school holidays would be a good time to hold it.  It was suggested that tickets would cost around $30 each.
Anita advised that she had already sold 5 Entertainment Books, but they were not available until the beginning of April.
Terry agreed to speak to Lauren regarding the progress of Facebook.
Terry advised he had spoken to Business Plaza and that the newsletter was in progress and once all the content had been finalised would be ready to be sent out before 1st April.
Mark advised that he had agreed to provide some Wahroonga FC coaches to the Waitara Before and After School Care during the holidays and would discuss the finer details with Julia Wylie.
It was agreed that James would contact Scott Chadwick to see if he would be interested in a sponsorship package.
2.     Football Operations
a.     Preparations for 2017

i)                 Registrations and fees
Anita advised that we had 518 registrations to date and of those 40 were unpaid.  Mark advised the projected final numbers would be around 580, due to losing 3 girls teams and Mark advised that the number of girls playing football at WFC was dropping and no girls teams in the mixed competitions either.  James advised that football was becoming more popular at the private schools and girls were opting to play for school rather than club.  Mark advised that West Pymble are noticing the same problem with no G11 team and only 1 G12 team which has 5 Wahroonga players in it.  It was agreed the Diamond League was causing a drop in players at a club level and even then clubs were only able to enter teams in DL if they had a joint team, as with Wahroonga and West Pymble in G12 and G14.  It was agreed that our target should be getting a G8 team and then develop them through to WAA. Mark advised the numbers in U6 – U11 are slightly up on 2016.
ii)               MiniRoos/Junior Teams
Covered in Registrations and Fees.
iii)             Diamond League Teams
Covered in Registrations and Fees.
iv)             Trial Game Bookings
Mark advised that there was one last weekend of trial games booked at KHS and then the season starts properly on 1st April.
v)               Review of 2017 Objectives
Mark advised that the player base would not achieve our goal of 650, but would be around 580 due to the loss of the girls’ teams.
Mark advised that Nick was running a GrassRoots Course which we have encouraged all MiniRoos coaches to attend.  Anita advised she was waiting on information from NSFA on the next Skills Level Course.
Terry advised we were on target to make $12,000 - $17,000 on sponsorship and fundraising in 2017.
Terry agreed to speak to Lauren regarding the social media activity for 2017 and that the main event would be the Comedy for a Cause night.
The Committee had increased its numbers by recently welcoming Lauren Jones as Social Media Manager and Paul Sheppard as Youth Coordinator.
vi)             Grassroots Course
Mark advised that Nick was running a GrassRoots Course at KHS on Monday 27th March and currently there were 12 registrations for the course.
the kit bags will be finished off at the Team Allocation Day and then a date would be arranged on a Sunday morning for managers to collect their bags.
vii)            Newsletter
Mark agreed he would compose a newsletter to be sent out before the beginning of the season.  It was agreed Anita would send the player database to Terry next week.
b.     Football Updates
i)                 WAA
Terry advised there looked to be 31 players’ registrations for WAA which means there will be 2 teams, but 16 are still to register.  Terry advised that Barker Old Boys WAA had withdrawn so it may be worth seeing if they have any players who would like to join us.  Terry advised that NSFA put the teams in Division 1 and Division 3, but WAAA had now been moved back into Division 2 as requested.
ii)               MAA
Jamie was not in attendance, but Mark advised that the joint venture seemed to be progressing well and the MAA6 had been moved in Division 5 and they were happy with the move. There looks like we will have 2 full squads of around 47 players.
iii)             Girls’ football
Covered in Football Operations.
iv)             Juniors/MiniRoos
Mark advised that we had teams in every age group from U6 to U16.
v)               O35/O45
Mark advised that the O35’s have 28 players registered and there was a joint venture with North Turramurra.  Richard advised the O45’s have 26 players registered with a projection of 38.  Richard advised he was keen to have 3 teams in 2018 – 1 squad and 1 team.
3.    Any Other Business
i)                 NTBC Memberships
Anita advised that an e-mail had gone out to all members and it was agreed this needed to be forwarded onto the Committee members and Coordinators.
ii)               Waitara PS BASC
Covered in Football Operations.
iii)             Possible Fundraising Event
It was suggested we could run a barefoot bowls night at the NTBC as an end of season event.
Anita advised she would open Karuah for gear sales on Friday 24th March and Chris said he would provide a float.
It was agreed to ask Reno if he was interested in Cardiac Responder being a sponsor on perhaps a sleeve of a shirt for next season.
Anita advised that Kris Cormack would dress The Glade again this season.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.
Action Items
Description Person Responsible
Write content for newsletter MB
Contact Di Jones Real Estate JD
Obtain Sydney FC Shirt JD
Speak to LaZana re: 2017 TJ/MB/AS
Ask Peter & Katie re: raffle prize TJ
Email members re: raffle prizes AS
Draft email re: Energy Locals offer TJ
Liaise with Herbie re: date for Comedy for a Cause TJ
Liaise with Julia Wylie re: Waitara BASC MB
Speak to Lauren re: Facebook TJ
Send player database to Terry for newsletter distribution AS
Email BOBs re: WAA registrations AS
Forward NTBC Membership forms to Committee AS
Open Karuah for gear sales on 24/3/17 AS
Ask Reno re: Cardiac Responder sponsorship TJ
Speak to Romulo Salazar re: outstanding fees RG/MB
Apply for grants for work on KHS – in 2017 MB/AS