Registration Q and A

Registration with Wahroonga FC 
We hope this page tells you all to need to know about registering to play with Wahroonga FC. It contains a series of our most frequently asked questions, and their answers.  

Q1. When can my child start playing football?
It is a requirement that children must be attending school full-time to play for our Club. This means from Kindergarten year and up.
Q2. How do I register?
If a player registered with the Club last season, he or she should receive an email inviting them to re-register. You then have a number of options:
  • Use our online registration system, which you can find under the Registration menu above. This is our preferred option, since it saves us all a lot of time and money.
  • Come to Registration Day at Karuah Oval on Sunday 5th February 2017, 10.00 a.m. - 12 noon.
  • You can even register after the season has started - talk to the appropriate Age Manager (for contact information, look here),
As a District requirement, all players registering with our Club (and any Club in the NSFA) for the first time must supply a copy of their birth certificate or their passport for age verification. This is an important requirement for registration. 
Q3. When are the grading days?

You can find the schedule for grading days by looking at our season schedule, here.  Further details about grading will be made available during the registration days. You can also read more about grading here.
In addition, trial games against other Clubs may be arranged prior to the start of the season.  
Q4. Can my child play with friends?

Our Club regards the grading process as being an important part of the season’s preparation. We have found that players who are not graded properly do not have as much fun playing as they otherwise could. If they are too weak for the team in which they are playing they never get a “look-in”. If they are too strong they do not have the chance to develop as well as they could (and the rest of the team might not get that “look-in”!). Our emphasis is very much on fun, but we also like to make sure the players are given every chance to improve their soccer skills and to try to make sure they come back to soccer year after year. There is some leeway in the Under 6 and Under 7 age groups for players to play with friends, but only if they are not graded in the top teams in the age group. You can find more about the grading process here.
Q5. Does my child have to play in his or her own age group or can he or she play up?

A child may play up, but it is at the discretion of the club and approval from the Wahroonga FC Committee on an individual basis. All requests must be made at the time of registration.
Q6. What times and places will my child most likely play?

Most junior games are played on Saturdays between 8.30 and Noon. The Northern Suburbrs Football Association (NSFA) stretches from the lower north shore to Brooklyn, although the younger age groups are unlikely to travel too far, as they are grouped into the northern area of KDSA. For Juniors Under 12 upwards, some games are organised for Saturday afternoon where there is likely to be a conflict with morning school sport for team members. This enables players to play for both school and Club, which we believe is an important requirement.
Q7. Who is my Manager?

Teams allocate Managers after the grading process is complete. After that time, you’ll find details of team Managers on our contacts page.
Q8. What day will training be?

After the grading process, each team nominates a Manager, Coach and, in the Under 6 to Under 10 age groups, a referee, normally from parents of players in that team. In addition, U11 to U18 teams must provide assistant referees and men's AA and O35 teams three registered referees. The Manager and Coach are responsible for deciding on a training day that best suits the majority of the team, and it is subject to space being available at the time and location selected. It’s not possible until this happens to say which day training will take place.
Q9. Do you have Women's and Girls teams?
Yes we do! In 2016 we are planning to enter teams in all the Girls and All Age Women's age groups - G08, G09, G10,G11, G12, G14, G16, G18, WAA . The Women's competitions are played on a Sunday. Girls have the option of playing in both the mixed competition on Saturday and the Women's competition on a Sunday. Girls in the Under 6 to Under 7 age groups play in the mixed non-competition teams on a Saturday.
Q10. What are the fees for 2017?

The fees below are for registrations paid in full by the 28th February 2017.  Any payment received after 28th February will incur an extra $25 late fee charge.

Age Group Student  Non-Student
 Under 6 Girls & Boys  $180  N/A
Under 7 Girls and Boys  $230  N/A
 Under 8 to Under 9 Girls & Boys  $275  N/A
Under 10 to Under 11 Girls &Boys  $290  N/A
 Under 12 Boys  $265  N/A
 Under 12 Girls (Non-Competition)  $250  N/A
 Under 13 to Under 14 Boys  $270  N/A
 Under 14 Girls  $270  N/A
 Under 15 to Under 16 Boys  $280  N/A
 Under 16 Girls  $280  N/A
Under 18 Boys and Girls  $290  N/A
 All Age Men Div 4  $400  $415
 All Age Men Div  6/7  $375  $390
 All Age Women Div 1  $380  $395
 All Age Women Div 3  $365  $380
 Over 35 Men   N/A  $410
 Over 45 Men  N/A  $410
The following discounts are available for direct family members (of any age) living at the same address. 
 3 players 5%   
 4 or more players 10%   

The family discount applies only to registrations paid for in a single transaction and must be paid by 28th February 2016 to be eligible for this discount.

 Q12. Do I need to upload a photograph when I register

If you are registering in U12 - U18, G12 - G18, WAA, MAA, O35 and O45 you will need to upload a photograph when you register on the MyFootballClub website.

 Q13. I need to know something else about registration. Who do I ask?
The Age Manager responsible for each age group looks after the registration process. Their contact details are available under Contacts or send an email to the Club Secretary.